nerdgeschoss Human Growth Framework

Why do we need this?

The nerdgeschoss Human Growth Framework is designed to evaluate capabilities and achievements across employees while trying to fairly decide on salaries. We try to take the guesswork out of this nebulus topic while trying to eliminate discriminations like the gender pay gap.

How does it work?

We defined several growth directions with multiple tracks each. You can reach levels within those tracks by regularly showing that you are capable of achieving the mentioned examples or comparable achievements. Each level is associated with points (first level gives 1 point, second level 3 points, third level 6 points, fourth level 10 points). Your total points then calculate your salary.

The salary is calculated by a base salary (which is adjusted to the median salary of developers in Berlin) plus a certain amount per point you reached.


Core skills are all about organizing yourself and the work around you.

Self Development
Problem Solving


Engineering skills are technical software development skills.

Foundations and DevOps


Leadership is all about helping others to achieve their best.


Brand and Marketing

Brand and marketing efforts help our company to grow, both in terms of customers/revenue and employees.

Content Creation
Open Source

Salary Calculation

You reached a total of 0. With a base salary of €40,000.00 and a point salary of €1,200.00 this results in a total brut salary of

€40,000.00 per year
€3,333.33 per month