We build Apps.

And, by Apps, we mean web sites, mobile apps and all these interactive things in between.

We create apps and websites not just for our customers, but for the people who use them. Users ignore design that ignores users.
Therefore, we rely on strong concepts, the power of user experience design and keeping the users in the focal point of our design process.

Gyroscope Korea

Immersive Ebook Experiences

The Gyroscope Korea app was produced during 2015s MIZ Formatfestival. Together with journalist and photographer Tawan Arun we created a new form of ebook that drags the user into an immersive multimedia experience of sound, images, videos, articles and panorama experiences.



Just another meetup?

We decided to organize a new meetup in town. swift.berlin joins the vast variety of tech-related meetups in Berlin. Read more about why we think a new meetup is a good idea!



Mobile Payment via BLE

nerdgeschoss ist zum zweiten Mal bei einem Hackathon angetreten. Genau 2 Minuten hatten wir Zeit, um die 7-köpfige Jury von unserer Idee zu überzeugen: AirPay.

5 days ago
RT @nuclai: Academy: @iceX33 from @wooga about the How and Why of Sever Validation for Mobile Simulations #nuclai16 https://t.co/HRDzGACMdr
2 weeks ago
RT @RenateBergmann: Stefan sagt, er hat unten an der Spree vier Pockemongs gefangen. Walter hat ja früher mehr auf Hecht geangelt.
2 weeks ago
RT @michael_hendrix: Pokemon Go is already more popular than Tinder, another app where you swipe to find monsters in your area.
2 weeks ago
RT @writebeard: Client: Can you keep track of your time on every task?" Me: 1) You use JIRA, so it's hard. 2) "Using JIRA" will be most of…