Just another meetup?

We decided to organize a new meetup in town. swift.berlin joins the vast variety of tech-related meetups in Berlin. Read more about why we think a new meetup is a good idea!

About one month ago Apple announced a new programming language at this year’s WWDC: Swift. It is already clear that Swift will replace Objective-C as a language for developing iOS and Mac OS applications in the long term.

With Swift, it’s our endeavor to learn many new concepts and paradigms. Since we are already very active in the Berlin meetup scene to get in touch with other developers, designers and creative minds, we would like to contribute to the tech community with our expertise in iOS, Mac OS, respectively, Objective-C and Cocoa. For this reason, we have founded our own meetup group: swift.berlin.


swift.berlin Berlin will be organized every month. The meetup will be hosted in the co.up coworking space in Berlin-Kreuzberg, where many other tech meetups in Berlin take place. The co.up kindly supports us with its premises.

swift.berlin is a mixture of Tech Talks and Socializing and is aimed at both experienced Objective-C developer as well as newcomers to iOS development using Objective-C and Swift. There will be two to three 20 minutes Lead Talks. There are also short time slots for (spontaneous) Lightning Talks. The entire meetup will be held in English.



For upcoming meetups we are looking for speakers who want to give a presentation on a chosen Swift theme. This may involve topics about language features, experiences with the migration from Objective-C to Swift, best practices, etc. Just drop us an email at hello@nerdgeschoss.de with a topic idea – we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

More information at swift.berlin and meetup.com