Gyroscope Korea

Immersive Ebook Experiences

The Gyroscope Korea app was produced during 2015s MIZ Formatfestival within 24 hours. Together with journalist and photographer Tawan Arun we created a new form of ebook that drags the user into an immersive multimedia format of sound, images, videos, articles and panorama experiences.

This app includes a new form of video navigation that plays background video including 360° sound at the pace of the reader. This written story can include text and images – but also every kind of html based media as YouTube videos, web links, twitter elements and way more.

Once the reader reaches a new chapter, a 360° panorama is displayed that can be explored via the built in gyroscope. This panorama can include animations and interactive content like additional articles and videos.

In the following video you can see a walkthrough of the full prototype:

23The whole app was drafted, designed and built during the MIZ Protothon 2015 within 24 hours. This short timeframe demanded an agile process with extremely short iterations (sometimes measured in just minutes between start and review of a user story). Due to the extremely close work between design and software engineering we could not only create an app but a new format of storytelling that grew into a file format and a corresponding player software for iPad and iPhone. This format is flexible enough to be adapted for other stories as well, not just documentaries but every kind of multimedia heavy productions such as science teaching books, multimedia novels or interactive productions.

Gyroscope Korea won the jury price of the MIZ Protothon 2015.