Your community in your pocket.

GemeindeApp addresses all communes which want to get their citizens involved in urban development and the events within the municipal. The app is an information medium for both residents and tourists.

GemeindeApp is a essential, new product in our app’s product portfolio and is successively developed in collaboration with communities.

Among others, the app provides a map, which is both a marker and a mercantile directory, current news from the commune, a household refuse collection calendar that notifies the public about waste disposal and a damage submit tool that can be used to report urgent damages and repair requests in the city through its inhabitants. These features are only a selection of many features that improve and simplify the commune’s life, the municipal administration and the contact to its citizens. The app can be customized for other communes with several additional functions.


All content, whether news articles, maps, contact details, opening times, etc., can be managed easily via the backend. Anyone who is responsible for maintaining and managing the GemeindeApp data gets access to the web-based backend where data entries can comfortably created, edited and deleted. Basic PC and Internet skills are absolutely sufficient for this tasks.


While developing the GemeindeApp we have worked closely together with the commune Woelfersheim (Hesse) in order to better understand and fulfill the needs of a real commune.

The app was developed and optimized for iOS 7 and takes advantage of the latest Apple frameworks. The app will be regularly updated and will be brought up to date for new iOS versions. The GemeindeApp runs on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android and is available for free in the AppStore.