On the backend side
of apps

Jens is not only the head of the team, but also our back-end guy. Alongside advising customers in technical matters, he is passionate about developing native apps for iOS and Android, as well as the server-side development of sophisticated Web applications in Ruby on Rails, Node.js and Meteor.

When he was just 10 years old, mini Jens had already learned Visual Basic.

Since then there’s been no holding him back and he has no plans of ever stopping.

When HTML4 came out, a new era began and Jens started down the web programming road.

This is how he got familiar with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Ruby-on-Rails as well as an assortment of other back-end technologies.

In 2011, while studying physics, he produced his first iOS app over a single weekend, which, (naturally!) revolved around physics.
He also designed websites and apps for increasingly more clients.
Having been part of a large developer team, Jens expanded his experience in agile software development and played an essential role in developing an app with several million users.

The idea of creating his own company grew and grew inside him, and at the beginning of 2013 the time had finally come to make his entrepreneurial dreams come true: Jens founded nerdgeschoss.

As of now Jens “speaks” over 10 programming languages and never fails to impress people away with his coding skills.

At nerdgeschoss Jens doesn’t just manage tasks and advise clients with suitable software solutions, but also passionately hacks away on the keyboard.

Jens‘ specialty is everything that concerns the development of server-side applications: ranging from the planning and implementation of software architecture and RESTful APIs, to database programming and testing.

Our web and mobile apps’ back-end has been expertly programmed by Jens through a combination of current technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Node.js and Meteor.

He is now deepening his knowledge of Java-based Android programming and has been creating his first, soon to be released, Android app.

When Jens isn’t programming (haha, just kidding…  Jens is always programming!), he enjoys cooking and music, cruising the streets of Berlin-Brandenburg on his Kawasaki and writes for his blog